Wadhurst United Junior Football Club

Wadhurst United Junior Football Club - YDP 2015 Programme


Unfortunately there was insufficient interest in the YDP for 2015 so we will be skipping a year and resuming again in 2016.

If you would like to participate in 2016 email  jnjnfmaxfield@gmail.com.

Those who participate in the Project will derive immense benefit as can be seen from the testimonies below;

"The transitional stage at 14-15 years where teenagers become young adults is undoubtedly a key time to develop some focus and start thinking about the future. With this in mind, the YDP programme is proving to be an excellent platform from which the boys can learn some of the life skills that will serve them well beyond school and into adult life". (Parent of 2014 participant)

"The program has helped me immensely to develop key areas such as communication and leadership, and taught me the key attributes in an effective ‘team player’. Everything you will learn at the sessions is immediately put into the context of the real world through practical activities and team building exercises, and so you will be able to ascertain the relevance of each skill you pick up no great difficulty, as they can always be applied to situations in both sporting and working environments.

 Those who organise the program give up their own time to do so, on a voluntary basis, always ensuring that the attendees receive the best training possible, often arranging for guest speakers from professional backgrounds to run sessions, and so I am sure that I speak for every member of the program when I say that I appreciate the incredible amount of time and effort spent by John, Keith and others at Team Dynamics.

Since starting the program I have had numerous interviews both for jobs and for university, and interviewers are always extremely interested and impressed when they hear about the program and the skills I have acquired, which, after taking part in the course, are extremely easy to talk about. I couldn’t recommend YDP highly enough, and would urge anyone considering taking part to grasp this rare opportunity with both hands."(Team Leader 2014)