Wadhurst Junior Football Club

Wadhurst Junior Football Club - Grievance Procedures

The Club expects players, their parents or guardians and other spectators to respect the Codes of Conduct in section 6 above. Nevertheless there may be occasions when someone feels aggrieved and therefore the Management Committee has agreed that the following steps should be taken by anyone wishing to make a complaint;

In the first instance the person should discuss the issue with the TEAM MANAGER/GAME LEADER.

If the issue concerns the behaviour of a member of another Club then the matter should be raised with the Club Secretary. It is not acceptable for individuals to take the law into their own hands nor should anyone contact the constituent youth league or the FA directly

If the issue concerns the behaviour of one of the Club’s players then the matter should be taken up with the Child Welfare Officers

If the issue is about a perceived departure from the Club’s ethos, philosophy or Codes of Conduct, and if the matter is not resolved following the discussion with the TEAM MANAGER/GAME LEADER, then the person should raise the matter with the Club Secretary and request that it is discussed by the Club’s Management Committee.