Wadhurst United Junior Football Club

Wadhurst United Junior Football Club - Anti-Bullying

Similarly, the Management Committee regards bullying in any form as unacceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated. Bullying can take many forms, physical, verbal, indirect or via social media (e.g. Facebook). It usually arises:

· When it is carried out deliberately
· When it is repeated over a period of time
· When children become vulnerable and unable to defend themselves

Bullying in any form is not acceptable at Wadhurst United Junior FC. Every effort is made to deal with both victim and bully in a sensitive way acknowledging the need for confidentiality, sensitivity and a sympathetic, fair and firm approach. No child should live in fear of another.

Club Coaches and helpers have a critical role to play in watching out for, and dealing with bullies and incidents of bullying. Parents or guardians will be kept informed of any action and strategy used to combat any form of bullying. Usually it is sufficient for a Coach or helper to show disapproval of an individual child’s inappropriate behaviour. Withdrawal from the training session or match is the most commonly used sanction, however if the problem persists then the Management Committee has agreed that the following steps should be taken;

· The Coach/helper talks with the child if necessary withdraws them from match or training session
· The Coach discusses concerns with Committee before taking further action
· Coaches may have an informal discussion with parents or guardians about behaviour causing concern
· If unacceptable behaviour persists, the Coach/Committee will inform parents or guardians and request a meeting to discuss the problem
· As a result of the meeting, further strategies to combat problem behaviour will be devised and monitored
· Fixed term or permanent exclusions are a final sanction for the severest behavioural problems