Wadhurst United Junior Football Club

Wadhurst United Junior Football Club - Coaching

The following paragraphs summarise the Club’s philosophy on coaching. The Club’s Management Committee recognise that these philosophies encourage children to prosper and improve their football abilities so that they continue to play team football for longer than maybe they would within a more competitive, ‘win at all costs’ environment. The aim is to achieve a balance whereby our teams are successful in both winning and involving every child who wants to play team football.


  1. The club aspires to coach a ‘Pass and Play’ style of football.

  2. Coaches and parents/guardians should give time and space for players to make mistakes and guide them through alternative options that may prove more succesful.

  3. Players should be exposed to all positions on the pitch.

  4. Players are encouraged to experiment using both feet equally.

  5. Coaches need to recognise and build players confidence and self esteem.

  6. Coaches, players and parents/guardians should show self control over their winning ambitions and behaviour.

  7. Coaches should be aware of their younger squad players and make allowances to incorporate these players within all the teams, matches and training.

  8. Coaches are encouraged to openly discuss and improve their knowledge of football in order to offer the players the best possible guidance throughout their development.

  9. The club will support, encourage and cover the financial cost of the Introduction to Coaching Football course and the next step UEFA C Licence on the coaching pyramind.