Wadhurst United Junior Football Club

About YDP

You may have heard about the Youth Development Project that the club is promoting. This is an initiative to offer the club members and teenagers in the local community an enviable opportunity to learn team building and life skills from a top international organisation that is a specialist in its field.

Team Dynamics International, based at Bells Yew Green, boasts an impressive blue chip client list as you can see on their website www.teamdynamics.co.uk. The Project is open to anyone aged 14 - 18 who recognises the benefits they will derive from this course, but they will have to be prepared to commit themselves fully to the Project. PArticipants must be either Club members or connected to Wadhurst either by residence or school.

So what is in it for the participants?

There will be 10 monthly sessions, starting in January 2015 and running through to November, with the exceptions of August. Each session will be based on specific skills:

 Team Building --- Planning & Strategy --- Effective Presentations --- Communication Techniques --- Behaviour & Discipline --- Confidence Building

Team Dynamics have developed fun and challenging sessions that are pitched at the perfect level for these age groups. However please note; it won’t be playtime, they will be treated as adults, but it will undoubtedly be a very enjoyable way of acquiring some serious skill sets!

The 24 participants will be divided into 4 groups, each with a team leader. A Guest Speaker, drawn from Team Dynamic’s pool of experts in their field – e.g. members of the Special Forces, Metropolitan Police Firearms Unit, Captains of Industry, HM Prison Service or even current International sportsmen, will attend each session and cover a specific skill.

This is an opportunity for the boys and girls to learn skills that are not covered within the educational curricula and will prove immensely valuable to them in their future careers. At the end of the programme they will receive a certificate of attendance from Team Dynamics to add to their CV.

In addition to the monthly sessions the boys will be able to put what they have learnt into practice through contributing to the Club’s planned tournaments and holiday clubs. They will be expected to be fully committed to the project, yet we don’t expect it to consume more than one Saturday morning and maybe a couple of hours one evening per month. We certainly don’t anticipate it getting in the way of any examination studies

How much will it cost?

Now here’s the great thing – it won’t! The Club will cover the costs, which thanks to Team Dynamics are minimal, and recover those costs from the tournaments and holiday clubs that the boys will help to plan. There will be no contributions to the Project from the members’ subscriptions.

Team Dynamic’s blue chip client list pay handsomely for these Training & Development Programmes.

 What happens next?

If you would like to attend email  jnjnfmaxfield@gmail.com. I

Please be aware that numbers will be restricted and some people may be disappointed. We are very privileged to be able to offer this Project. Those who participate in the Project will derive immense benefit as can be seen from the testimonies on the previous page