Wadhurst United Junior Football Club

Wadhurst United Junior Football Club - Introduction

Wadhurst United Junior Football Club (the “Club”) is run by volunteer members of a Management Committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The following paragraphs summarise the Club’s ethos and philosophy and outlines what players and their parents or guardians can expect the Club to provide and, in turn, what the Club expects of players and their parents or guardians.

The principal aim of the Club is to provide equal opportunities for children to play football and to have fun. The Club will avail a structure for the children to improve their game, to socialise, compete and prosper within a safe and sound environment.

The Club is proud to have achieved the Football Association’s Charter Standard. The Football Association (the “FA”), in conjunction with various bodies, has drawn up the following set of criteria for clubs wishing to reach Charter Standard;

  • A written constitution
  • FA CRB checked volunteers
  • All managers to have minimum of FA level 1 Coaching Course
  • Commitment to attend in-service training
  • Acceptance and promotion of Codes of Conduct
  • Commitment to provide Mini-Soccer opportunities for Under 10s
  • Commitment to promote schools liaison and equal opportunities for all

The Club’s constitution can be read here and the following paragraphs are the Club’s adaption of the FA’s suggested policies. The Club’s Management Committee meets regularly and any parent or guardian of a player is entitled to attend and contribute to the running of the Club. The Club survives due to the efforts of the volunteers who contribute substantial amounts of time and effort and it is vital that all members of the Club, i.e. the players and their parents, guardians or their friends and family support them. With this in mind, section 6, Codes of Conduct for Spectators, is of particular importance.